10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dogg

  1. Martin Morocky was born on the 31th of March 1983
  2. He is known by his stage name as The Dogg is a Namibian musician
  3. The Dogg is considered as a kwaito artist
  4. He began his formal education at Onayena Primary School situated in Onayena, a village in east Ondangwa, where he has been living since returning from exile in Zambia, in 1989
  5. Morocky is the youngest child of four siblings
  6. His aspiration as a child was to become a mechanical engineer while music remained a dormant passion
  7. In 1997, he moved to Windhoek City to attend his secondary education at Augustineum Secondary School in Khomasdal
  8. After graduating from high school, Morocky chose to study for a Science degree at the University of Namibia
  9. He left the university after one academic year to pursue a career in music
  10. The Dogg used to perform at school concerts in his high-school years