10 Things You Didn’t Know About Esther Phiri

  1. Esther Phiri (born June 14, 1987) is a Zambia boxer.
  2. Phiri was born in Lusaka,Zambia.
  3. She became the world’s champion after defeating Belinda Laracuente.
  4. In 2015, her fight against Sandra Almeida of South Africa came as a relief to her fans, who thought she had not done enough homework.
  5. No female boxer, who is as successful as her, has ever sprung up in Zambia apart from Catherine Phiri.
  6. Esther has totally revolutionized female boxing.
  7. Today many aspiring boxers look up to her as their idol.
  8. The documentary film Between Rings, released in 2014, was created by her cousin Jessie Chisi.
  9. Phiri has been in 19 fights and won 14 of them.
  10. Esther was married.