10 things you didn’t know about Victor Kachaka

  1. Victor Kachaka is a Zambian folk musician and a guitarist.
  2. He is from Lusaka, Zambia.
  3. Kachaka recorded “It is True”, a novelty tune during the early 1990s.
  4. His followup was yet another novelty song entitled “Beer Man”.
  5. Kachaka’s music can be characterised as Zambian folk music, incorporating elements of traditional Zambian music and western folk music.
  6. He favours the use of satire and comedy to make poignant social commentary.
  7. Besides Music, he is also a lawyer
  8. He performs very much in an African tradition, although his songs are modern.
  9. He exaggerates and uses jokes to communicate a general message as part of African tradition.
  10. His musical language is influenced by the style of Bob Dylan than that of rappers.