10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kebby Musokotwane

  1. He was a politician from Zambia. He was a member of the United National Independence Party
  2. Kebby Musokotwane was born 5 May 1946
  3. He was one of the closest allies of former President Kenneth Kaunda.
  4. Musokotwane served as the 5th Prime Minister of Zambia from 24 April 1985 until 15 March 1989. He then became secretary-general of the UNIP.
  5. Musokotwane was elected President of the party, with Kaunda’s support
  6. In 1993 he was embroiled in scandal when he admitted that a radical faction of the party was conspiring to topple the new government of Frederick Chiluba.
  7. He was relieved of the prime minister’s portfolio in 1989 and initially sent back to education but after protest was sent to Canada as Zambia’s high commissioner.
  8. In 1977, Musokotwane was appointed minister of water and natural resources.
  9. He was married to Muzya Regina Bulowa in 1967
  10. He died on 11 February 1996.