10 things you didn’t know about Distro Kuomboka

  1. Distro Kuomboka is a Band that was formed 1979 in
    at Kabwe
  2. It is known as the longest surviving band
  3. The group is recognized as Zambia’s Best Band at the Ngoma National Music Awards in 2004
  4. Distro Kuomboka are now the resident band at the Mukuba Hotel
  5. Their album releases include Dyonko, Twalebana, Toto-Mitala, Kaoma,The Best of Distro Kuomboka, Ichili Pamunobe and Lamba Bull
  6. Awards won by the group, Zambia’s Best Band at the Ngoma National Music Awards (2004) and Best Band in the Copperbelt at the Mukuba Music Awards (2005)
  7. Albums released by the groups ‘Dyonko’, ‘Twalebana’, ‘Toto-Mitala’, ‘Kaoma’, ‘The Best of Distro Kuomboka’, ‘Ichili Pamunobe’ and ‘Lamba Bull’
  8. Distro Kuomboka has finally released the long-awaited album titled Kaoma.
  9. The album which is on CD is an 11 track one comprising traditional Zambian tunes which will surely be liked by many a fan.
  10. The late Obby Mumba is the founder member of the Distro Band who migrated from Kabwe to Lusaka and them where based in Misisi Compound