10 Things you didn’t know about Cactus Agony

  1. Cactus Agony is a based UK Zambian hip-hop and dancehall artist
  2. In the United Kingdom, his type of music is a fusion of rap flows and chants commonly associated with reggae and dancehall music
  3. His music Career started in the UK, South London where he attained his art and writing skills from his friend Mr. Lopez
  4. Cactus also has a hip-hop outfit called the Nappy Clinch Clan
  5. He got a better understanding of who he was, by living in London’s African Jamaican immigrant community
  6. His Album called ‘Bush Territory’ was an inspiration from how he was living in London’s African Jamaican immigrant community
  7. He attended Middlesex University and returned home in 1999
  8. Agony Join a Zambian based hip-hop label called Cypher Music for a year
  9. Cactus collaborated with many international artists such as Hugh Masekela, Brian Thompson, Oliver Mtukudzi, P-Square, J.K., Joe Angels, Mr Switcher and many more
  10. He is also part of Annual Zedway Splash reggae concert at Club Zed Lusaka