10 things you didn’t know about Leo “K’millian” Moyo

  1. Leo Moyo AKA K’Millian is a Zambian R&B Hip Hop Artist
  2. Moyo’s popular hits are “Kakabalika” (‘The Sun Will Shine Again)
  3. His song “Kakabalika” tells the story of a pregnant woman who is abandoned
  4. His Album named “Another Day” spent over 21 weeks as no. 1 in the Zambian charts
  5. Leo’s other song “Kakabalika” spent more than 14 weeks at no. 1 on the Radio Phoenix Local Rhythmz Countdown
  6. He sings in either English, Bemba or Nyanja
  7. Besides being a songwriter Lee is also a music producer
  8. He is known to be a womanizer regardless of his interviews which he denies these allegations
  9. The Album called True Colors was released 21 December 2007
  10. K’millian toured Perth, Australia and performed at the Burswood casino ballroom to masses of Zambian fans that had attended the show