10 things you didn’t know about Lazarus Tembo

  1. Lazarus Tembo was born in the Eastern Province of Zambia
  2. He was one of Zambia’s most popular singers
  3. Lazarus went blind at the age of eight
  4. Under President Kaunda, became Zambia’s Junior Minister of Culture
  5. A Zambian folk music award was named after him
  6. He also supported the work of the Lusaka Nutrition Group
  7. Some of his songs are Mtandezeni, Baby Feeding Song, Ulwimbo Lwakulisho Mwana, Nyimbo, Ya Podwetsa Mwana and Malambo
  8. Lazarus Tembo was born in 1945
  9. Before 1971 he worked with an organisation which was a precursor to the work of Makeni Ecumenical Centre
  10. People used to enjoy Lazarus Tembo’s songs till now