Top 5 Airlines In Zambia

Top 5 Zambian Airlines


Zambia has a number of airlines one can take to fly across the country. These airlines range from commercial airlines to those that only do non-scheduled flights. See Below our list of Top 5 Zambian Airlines.

Proflight Zambia

Proflight Zambia was established in 1991 and is Zambia’s leading scheduled airline. From its base in Lusaka its domestic routes include, Livingstone, Mfuwe, Lower Zambezi, Ndola, Solwezi, Kalabo and Kasama, with regional routes to Lilongwe in Malawi, and Durban in South Africa.

Corporate Air

Corporate Air is a licensed air charter company offering non-scheduled flights in Zambia and Southern Africa. We provide a safe, compliant and efficient aviation operation. We understand fully thatΒ β€œtime is money”. With our dynamic fleet of Business and Remote Access Aircraft consisting of turbines and pistons from 4 to 12 seaters, we can work around your plans. We are able to transport different size groups comfortably to remote destinations and connecting hubs. We are privileged to fly into some of the most pristine Southern African wildlife parks and lodges.

Mahogany Air

Mahogany Air is a commercial Zambian airline that services , Ndola,Β  Livingstone, Lumumbashi (D.R.C) and Mansa. SoΒ  Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure, we’ll get you to your Zambian destination in class, speed and comfort.

Staravia Air Charters

Staravia Air Charters provides private charters within Zambia and neighbouring countries. We pride ourselves in our personalized, professional customer service and have a good reputation for providing a safe and reliable charter experience

SkytrailsΒ aircraft

SkytrailsΒ aircraft are available for private charter to all ofΒ Zambia’sΒ Game Parks, Lakes, and Victoria Falls as well as the more remote ares in Zambia.