10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carey Young

  1. Carey Young was born in 1970
  2. Carey Young is a visual artist
  3. The tools of these different fields act as material for her installations, text works and photographs, as well as for videos in which absurd relationships develop between the performer and the rhetoric of political, commercial or legal discourse
  4. Young’s work often develops from within the particular cultures she explores
  5. She has often immersed herself in the business or legal worlds, donning the appropriate attire and enacting recommended scenarios in order to examine and question the reach of each institution’s power and its ability to shape our contemporary reality
  6. Born in Lusaka in Zambia
  7. Young grew up in Manchester, England and studied at Manchester Polytechnic, the University of Brighton and photography at the Royal College of Art in London
  8. She has dual USA/UK citizenship and lives and works in London, UK
  9. Young has exhibited her work at many galleries all over the world
  10. Young’s work has been included in several publications, such as the book Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom, Black Dog Publishing, London, UK, edited by Adler P. (2012), and a number of videos and audio recordings