10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nalumino Mundia

  1. Nalumino Mundia was a Zambian politician. He served as the 4th Prime Minister of the country from 18 February 1981 to 24 April 1985.
  2. He was born 27 November 1927.
  3. Mundia went on to serve as Zambia’s ambassador to the United States, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.
  4. He was born in Kalabo.
  5. Mundia survived by his wife and six children.
  6. He started as a teacher in Zimbabwe and Namibia.
  7. His most notable position is that of Prime Minister of Zambia
  8. He was a veteran Zambian politician.
  9. Founding member, deputy national treasurer, director elections United National Indiana Party, 1961-1965
  10. Nalumino collapsed at a diplomatic function and subsequently died of a heart attack, in the USA, on 9 November 1988