10 Things You Didn’t Know About Emment Kapengwe

  1. Emment Kapengwe was one of Zambia’s leading footballers in the ’60s
  2. Kapengwe was born in Broken Hill in 1943
  3. He lost his father at an early age but his mother got married again to Mr. Njalili Kapengwe whose surname young Emment adopted
  4. Emment first went to the Catholic School in Broken Hill from 1949 to 1951 and when his father joined the mines on the Copperbelt
  5. Emment and his family moved to Kitwe where he got interested in football and like many of Zambia’s soccer stars
  6. He learnt the game the hard way
  7. Due to lack of facilities, Kapengwe and his friends used to play on a bare ground at Bwafwano community centre in Kamitondo Township with tennis balls and home-made footballs
  8. In 1956, his father was transferred to Bancroft (Chililabombwe) and so began Kapengwe’s induction in organised sport
  9. Kapengwe hit the soccer limelight in 1963 when his club picked him to play against a visiting Southern Rhodesian side Magula FC
  10. Kapengwe died on 17 September 1988 in Lusaka after suffering from a stroke.