10 Things you didn’t know about Chef 187

  1. Chef 187 was inspired by his elder brother after seeing his brother becoming successful in the music industry
  2. Kondwani Kaira is a Zambian artist related to a multiple award winning star Mulaza Kaira AKA Macky2
  3. May 23, 1986 was the year he was born, in the city of Lusaka, Zambia
  4. The name Chef means to kill, cook and serve, and 187 is the slang term for murder mostly used by the USA police
  5. He won 4 different categories awards in the same year 2005 for the Best Collaboration, Best Hip Hop Album, Mainstream Album Award and Best Mainstream Male Artiste award
  6. In 2016 he collaborated with his famous brother Macky2 in a song titled face off
  7. Chef is the former Proflight ambassador and also a former Infinix ambassador
  8. A collaboration song with his brother in 2010 was a dissing song targeted a XYZ entertainment rapper Slap Dee
  9. Kondwani aka Chef claims that if music is like food, then he is the Chef
  10. Influenced by Tupac, Jay-Z and Macky2