Endorsing executive education – why lifelong study enhances your career


The scale and breadth of technological innovations is dramatically reshaping the way in which business is done. Advances in technology trends including artificial intelligence and machine learning helps make operations within businesses more efficient, while digital fabrication technologies like 3D printing enables companies to bring manufacturing closer to customers.

In order to create strategies that allow their companies to keep abreast of this change, operate efficiently, and implement management systems that result in sustainable growth, managers, management graduates and mid-career professionals embrace continuous learning. 

The perfect avenue for delivering this is through postgraduate or executive education programmes, which enable mid-career graduates, managers and leaders to become empowered with the latest thought leadership and case studies on innovation, design thinking, strategy, decision-making, and leadership methodology.

These programmes enable you to set yourself up for a brighter future, while also empowering your company to achieve greater success, by way of your expanded set of skillsets. Executive education programmes range from short learning programmes that equip employees with sought after skillsets that are required for employees to thrive in the fourth industrial era such as mobile app development and change management programmes, through to more expansive and all-encompassing management courses.

These are particularly important for future proofing one’s skillsets, with organisations such as the World Economic Forum forecasting that millions of jobs will be phased out due to automation while millions more will be created that require these new skills to drive new economies

Longer courses such as a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance, enable graduates to fulfil any role in organisational leadership, particularly at senior management and board director level. Whereas globally-focused degrees such as a Master of International Business degree provided the skills graduates and employees need to operate from a global perspective.

“Executive Programmes offered at IIE MSA, a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), have been specifically developed for the modern working professional. This translates into a flexible modular approach that assists students when it comes to balancing their studies with their work and demands from their personal life. Ultimately, executive education programmes are a great investment for graduates because it empowers them to handle operations, along with strategic business facets like higher-level vision and strategy for the business,” says Prof Alwyn Louw, President and Academic President of IIE MSA.

“It is also very worthwhile for companies, because their employees and managers obtain future-proof skills and the ability required to identify factors that drive the growth of the business and can then use their newly obtained leadership and managerial skills to maximise that growth and help ensure that the business operates more efficiently,” concludes Professor Louw.