10 things you didn’t know about Kanji

  1. Kanji is one of the most gifted divas in Zambia
  2. On the onset of her breakthrough, She become a household name in Southern Africa
  3. She came on the Zambian music scene in 2014
  4. β€˜Mr. Big Star’ and β€˜Chi Daddy’ was her first hi singles that made her breakthrough in music industry
  5. Due to education, She put her music career on hold to focus on her studies
  6. As a young advocate learning the ropes, she found it increasingly difficult to do both music and work. Having invested so much in her school
  7. Besides music she is also a lawyer
  8. Kanji made a comeback to the music scene in 2014 with an album titled β€˜Zanga’
  9. She was pointed one of the five ambassadors chosen by ProFlight a Zambian airline. The idea is to showcase the beauty of Zambia in as far as tourism is concerned.
  10. Kanji also a trained officer in the Zambia Army