10 things you didn’t know about Exile/ Izrael

  1. Kangwa Kapamba AKA Izreal is a Zambian singer,producer and songwriter
  2. The album titled “So lucky”. made his breakthrough in the music industry
  3. Exile has worked with almost all seasoned artistes within and was last year recognized as the most featured artist
  4. His Album “So lucky”, is still selling well
  5. He also released 3 more albums namely “Siku Yalelo”,”Nkungulume” and “7 days”
  6. Each album had a different feel and through those 4 albums
  7. One of his album ‘So Lucky’ is one of the biggest and most successful albums ever produced in Zambia
  8. Album ‘So Lucky’ established him in the premier league of today’s Zambian music,
  9. Two of his tracks made history, So Lucky and Walimbikila won the Song of the Year Competition on the Radio Phoenix Local Rhythms countdown 2003 and 2004 respectively
  10. Izreal ‘s second album with Hit Siku ya lelo sold out