Zambia’s Most Popular TV Shows of All Time


Television in Zambia has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting the nation’s cultural diversity and societal changes. From drama series that capture the essence of Zambian life to entertaining game shows that bring families together, here’s a look at some of Zambia’s most beloved TV shows:

1. Kabanana (1980s-present):

  • Kabanana is one of Zambia’s longest-running drama series, capturing the daily lives and struggles of people in a typical Zambian township. Known for its relatable storylines and strong characters, it has remained a favorite among viewers for decades.

2. ZNBC Sunday Interview (1990s-present):

  • A staple of Zambian television, ZNBC Sunday Interview is a current affairs program that features in-depth interviews with prominent figures from politics, business, and society. It plays a crucial role in shaping public discourse.

3. Mainga Mwila Show (2000s-present):

  • Hosted by the charismatic Mainga Mwila, this talk show blends entertainment with informative discussions on topics ranging from health and lifestyle to current affairs. It has garnered a large following for its engaging format and insightful content.

4. Stand Up Zambia (2015-present):

  • A comedy show that showcases Zambia’s budding stand-up comedy scene, Stand Up Zambia features local comedians performing live sets and competing for audience laughter. It has become a platform for emerging talents in the country.

5. Kwacha Good Morning Zambia (2005-present):

  • A morning show that combines news updates, interviews, and entertainment segments, Kwacha Good Morning Zambia is a favorite among early risers. It provides a lively start to the day with its blend of informative and light-hearted content.

6. Zed Top 10 (2010s-present):

  • Zed Top 10 is a music countdown show that highlights the hottest Zambian music videos of the week. It serves as a platform for promoting local musicians and keeping viewers updated on the latest trends in Zambian music.

7. Zambia’s Got Talent (2018-present):

  • Based on the international format, Zambia’s Got Talent showcases the diverse talents of Zambians across various disciplines, including singing, dancing, magic, and more. It has become a platform for aspiring performers to showcase their skills to a national audience.

8. Game On (2020-present):

  • A sports quiz show that tests contestants’ knowledge of Zambian and international sports, Game On combines competition with entertainment. It appeals to sports enthusiasts and trivia buffs alike, offering prizes and bragging rights to winners.

These TV shows not only entertain but also reflect the rich cultural tapestry and diverse interests of Zambia. Whether highlighting local talent, exploring societal issues, or simply providing a source of entertainment, they have become an integral part of Zambia’s television landscape, shaping the way viewers engage with media in the country.