Zambia’s Most Successful Businesswomen


In Zambia, a new wave of female entrepreneurs is making waves across industries, breaking barriers, and shattering glass ceilings. These trailblazing women are not only redefining the business landscape but also inspiring the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. From innovative startups to established enterprises, here are some of Zambia’s most successful businesswomen who are leading the charge towards a brighter future:

1. Monica Musonda – CEO of Java Foods: Monica Musonda is a powerhouse in Zambia’s food industry, serving as the CEO of Java Foods, a leading producer of affordable and nutritious food products. With a background in law and business, Musonda is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to driving positive change through sustainable business practices. Under her leadership, Java Foods has grown into a household name, offering a range of popular brands such as eeZee Instant Noodles and Supa Cereal.

2. Charity Lumpa – Founder of BongoHive: As the founder of BongoHive, Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub, Charity Lumpa is at the forefront of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. BongoHive provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to access training, mentorship, and resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Lumpa’s vision and leadership have helped BongoHive become a thriving ecosystem for startups and tech-driven enterprises in Zambia.

3. Mulenga Kapwepwe – Founder of Mpanga Market Hub: Mulenga Kapwepwe is a dynamic entrepreneur and cultural advocate who is passionate about promoting Zambian arts, crafts, and heritage. As the founder of Mpanga Market Hub, Kapwepwe has created a platform for local artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and connect with customers both locally and internationally. Her innovative approach to preserving and promoting Zambian culture through business has earned her recognition and admiration.

4. Mutinta Jewellery – Founder of Mutinta Jewellery: Mutinta Jewellery is a leading Zambian luxury brand known for its exquisite handcrafted jewelry designs inspired by African heritage and culture. As the founder and creative force behind the brand, Mutinta Jewellery has garnered a loyal following both in Zambia and abroad, with her pieces being worn by celebrities and fashion icons. Her commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable business practices has cemented her reputation as one of Zambia’s most successful businesswomen.

5. Mizinga Melu – CEO of Barclays Bank Zambia: Mizinga Melu is a seasoned banker and business leader who has made significant contributions to Zambia’s financial sector. As the CEO of Barclays Bank Zambia, Melu oversees the operations of one of the country’s largest financial institutions, driving growth and innovation in banking services. Her strategic vision and leadership have earned her recognition as one of Zambia’s most influential businesswomen.

In conclusion, Zambia’s most successful businesswomen are not only making their mark in the business world but also driving positive change and empowering others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. From Monica Musonda’s innovative approach to food production to Charity Lumpa’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity, these trailblazers are leading by example and inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs in Zambia and beyond. Their stories serve as a reminder that with determination, resilience, and vision, anything is possible, regardless of gender or background.