Top 10 Zambia TV Personalities of All Time


Television personalities play a significant role in shaping public opinion, entertaining audiences, and informing the public. In Zambia, several individuals have stood out over the years for their charisma, professionalism, and contributions to the media industry. Here’s a look at the top 10 TV personalities in Zambia who have made a lasting impact:

1. Grevazio Zulu

Grevazio Zulu, affectionately known as “Uncle Gre,” is a veteran Zambian broadcaster with a career spanning several decades. His engaging style and insightful interviews on ZNBC TV have earned him respect and admiration across generations.

2. Maureen Nkandu

Maureen Nkandu is a renowned Zambian television presenter and media personality. Her versatile skills and engaging presence on screen have made her a household name, particularly through her work on Diamond TV and other platforms.

3. Costa Mwansa

Costa Mwansa is celebrated for his contributions to Zambian television, notably as a news anchor and presenter. His professionalism and articulate delivery have made him a trusted figure on ZNBC TV and other networks.

4. Carol Mwape

Carol Mwape is a popular TV personality known for her dynamic presence and versatility. Her work on Muvi TV and Phoenix FM has cemented her reputation as one of Zambia’s most beloved broadcasters.

5. Kapembwa Simbao

Kapembwa Simbao is recognized for his impactful contributions to Zambian television as a news anchor and journalist. His career includes prominent roles on ZNBC TV, where he has covered significant national and international events.

6. Chi Nkonde

Chi Nkonde has left a lasting legacy in Zambian media through her work as a television presenter and producer. Her dedication to promoting local culture and entertainment on ZNBC TV has made her a respected figure in the industry.

7. Peter Nawa

Peter Nawa is celebrated for his influential career in Zambian television, particularly for his role as a news anchor and presenter on ZNBC TV. His articulate reporting and engaging style have earned him a loyal audience over the years.

8. Nakiwe Simpungwe

Nakiwe Simpungwe is recognized for her contributions to Zambian television, notably through her work as a news presenter and media personality. Her professionalism and commitment to quality journalism have set her apart in the industry.

9. Chishala Chitoshi Jr.

Chishala Chitoshi Jr., known as “Chi,” is a talented TV personality whose charismatic presence and hosting skills have made him a favorite among viewers. His work on Diamond TV and other platforms has garnered him widespread acclaim.

10. Joyce Ngosa-Simukoko

Joyce Ngosa-Simukoko is celebrated for her impactful career in Zambian television, particularly for her role as a news anchor and presenter. Her insightful reporting and dedication to informing the public have earned her respect and admiration.

These 10 TV personalities have significantly contributed to Zambia’s media landscape, each leaving an indelible mark through their professionalism, charisma, and dedication to their craft. Whether through news reporting, entertainment, or cultural promotion, these individuals have played a vital role in shaping television broadcasting in Zambia and continue to inspire future generations of broadcasters and media professionals.