ATM safety tips to void being scammed

ATM safety tips to void being scammed


The festive season is a busy period and it’s unfortunately during this time that fraudsters are on the prowl. To avoid the risk of falling victim to fraud, it’s best to equip yourself with as much information as possible. ATMs and ADTs are a convenient way of banking because they allow for 24/7 access to transacting outside branch with their multiple functionalities. However, to lessen the risk of fraud it’s advisable to make purchases via your bank card, this is not only safe but also helps you keep a record of your expenses.” Here are some tips related to ATM safety:

Tips for protecting your ATM PIN

  • Keep your ATM PIN confidential, never share it with anyone even friends and family and don’t write it down.
  • Don’t make you PIN combination easy to guess – such as a birth date.
  • When transacting, cover the key pad with your hand – scammers can place cameras to record your PIN as you punch it in.
  • Stand as close as possible to the ATM and never let anyone stand close or distract you whilst transacting.
  • Do not enter your PIN on a screen that is unfamiliar to you. Carefully read the instruction on the ATM screen before entering your PIN.

Tips for protecting your cash

  • Once cash has been withdrawn, immediately place this out of sight. Avoid handling cash in public view and secure your wallet and handbag before leaving the ATM.
  • Set a realistic daily limit on your banking to protect yourself, should your details be compromised and check your statements regularly and report suspicious transactions immediately. Rather use your debit card for purchases.
  • Be wary of strangers that may call you back to the ATM to complete a transaction. They often ask for assistance or offer to assist you. Once you have completed your transaction, leave as soon as possible and avoid conversation with strangers. If you are disturbed, whilst transacting at the ATM, your card may be skimmed, by being removed and replaced back into the ATM without your knowledge. Cancel the transaction immediately.