Clique Viral - "Makanja" FT. Theresa Ng’ambi

Clique Viral – “Makanja” FT. Theresa Ng’ambi


It’s a universal truth that perhaps the most important task of an artist in any circumstance is to reflect his/her community i.e its people. To tell their story the best way they know how; through their art!

Inspired by the recent monstrous happenings in Libya, Clique Viral were at once clear on what story they wanted to tell this time and with the artful direction of Dj Lo, the visuals for ‘Makanja’ are attention-grabbing, filled with scenes highlighting infamous issues like children soldiers, slavery and general unrest in most parts of Africa including Nigeria, DRC and Central Africa and they don’t leave you without some food for thought or at the very least, feelings that spark your curiosity.

This group from Zambia; Clique Viral have always managed to showcase their cultural roots while blending their hip-hop/rap skills to finally bring forth one beautiful chain of raw melodies and this one is no different.

Watch Makanja ft Theresa Ng’ambi and let us know what you think.